About Alfabru

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a company that has been since 2002 in the field of pigments and dyestuffs for inks, paints, textile and plastics industries. Our staff has had a big experience for more than 30 years importing and distributing these chemicals. The success of our company is based on the customized service we provide.

Our firm imports monthly pigments and dyesfuffs from China and India. We import on “pool basis”, buying the materials previously booked by our clients, usually in small quantities, at very competitive prices. We also have a stock at our warehouse to meet the local demand.

Alfabru SRL is a representative of pigments and dyestuffs of Ningbo Briscent Trade Co (China), Deep Chem (India) and Red Sun Dye Chem (India). Therefore we can quote these items to be imported directly by the client as well. Our objective is to satisfy the technical and commercial needs of our customers in order to achieve a close co-operation with them in the long term, offering quality and service according to the requirements of industry, in an increasingly competitive and changing world.